Tokyo Governor Masuzoe declines to share the Tokyo Olympics events with South Korea

Tokyo Olympics should be held primarily in Tokyo – Governor Masuzoe

The IOC unanimously passed over 40 recommendations recently. Thomas Bach was quite positive on the progress made, but one of the recommendation seems set for controversy.

Recommendation : Shared hosting : The first reform step to be approved allows future Games to be hosted by two cities, or two countries, for “sustainability” and “geography” reasons. Bach sought the change to the Olympic charter to reduce the cost of the games and to allow smaller countries to make a bid to host individual events.

IOC allows summer or winter Olympics in two countries; baseball, softball get …

MONACO – Nine months after a Sochi Winter Olympics embattled by the host country’s anti-gay legislation, the International Olympic Committee took a philosophical stand Monday against future intolerance surrounding an Olympic Games. ( Philip Hersh ).
Thomas Bach went on further to announce “The IOC will now start immediate talks with organizers of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang, South Korea, and the Tokyo 2020 Games to see if they can make savings and also add sports.”

Tokyo Governor Masuzoe when asked about his reaction to the co-hosting of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics with South Korea, Masuzoe made clear that although many recommendations passed by IOC were positive, CO-HOSTING was a No-No.

Governor Masuzoe said, “there should be a limit to the co-hosting definitions. Tokyo Olympics should be held primarily in Tokyo”. He did add that it may be good from bilateral relations perspective to co-host, but was clear that the identity that Olympics were held in Tokyo should not be diluted.  WE AGREE TOO.