Touch and Talk communication sheetSaitama Prefecture has come up with a novel way of a communication sheet called “O · MO · TE · NA · SHI communication sheet” which they intend to use to communicate with tourists coming to Japan, primarily the Saitama prefecture. With overall tourist numbers going up and Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics on the horizon, this idea / attempt is one more to help communication between visitors and their Japanese counterparts.

Touch and Talk communication sheet in SaitamaThe communication sheet will be printed on A3 sized sheets and has three main usage scenarios.

  • Hospitality scenario,
  • Dining scenario
  • Conduct a Sale scenario

Regularly used terms will be printed in multiple foreign languages (Chinese, English and Korean) and Japanese on the A3 sheet and parties involved in communication can simply point to the needful phrases and hold a conversation without any translator required.

Touch and Talk communication sheet in SaitamaSaitama has also roped in an original anime character Sakuya to make the material feel more “friendly”. General exchange of “thank-you”, “good-night” are written on the communication sheets and although this idea is unique, it will be quite amusing to see these in practice for real! Quite some thought has gone into creating these sheets, with standard “What, Why, Where” phrases also on the sheet and numbers to indicate number of people, number of items etc also can be easily pointed out.

Touch and Talk communication sheet in Saitama

Why only tourists we believe this will be good to have one on your own smartphone or tablet and show when you are in Japan. See the links here for the needful PDF’s (in ZIP format) to store on your devices
Accommodation sheet English/Korean  Chinese

Dining Sheet English/Korean  Chinese

Selling/Buying Sheet English/Korean  Chinese

Reference Link : Saitama Prefecture Sainokuni-kanko (Japanese only)