The Tokyo Metropolitan Government website has been available in English and other languages for a long time but it has been primarily for the long term residents in the city rather than tourists. The content on the Japanese site is fresh while the English site is not a 1:1 translation of the Japanese version.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building at Shinjuku

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building at Shinjuku (Image credit : Manish Prabhune)

With the Olympics approaching in five years, the head of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Citizens and Cultural Affairs, Kobayashi Kiyoshi informed that the website will be completely redone with emphasis on the travellers and tourists to the city. Information will be provided to include latest news, tourism information and also emphasis will be on more image, video formats rather than text only information. The website design will also be made on the guidelines which will appeal to visitors and users of the portal across the world than follow a Japanese GUI guideline model. The current website
Website of Tokyo Metropolitan Government
The regular meeting plenary session for the Metropolitan Assembly held in December 2014,  the government also announced setting up of  “Machinaka Tourist Information” points which will act as guide booths for travellers to the city. Starting January 2015, the government also intends to make the Tourist Information Center at the Haneda Airport operate in a 24 hour format to enhance the response to visit foreigners.

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