Hachioji Mayor Ishimori Takashi today announced a petition which has been submitted to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government expressing their desire to host part of the cycling events in Hachioji City during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics event.

Hachiōji is a city in Tokyo, about 40 kilometers west of the center of the 23 special wards of Tokyo. With an estimated population of over half a million residents, it has been the venue of cycling events 50 years back at the Tokyo Olympics 1964 event. The plan for 2020 is for the Koto Ward to hold these events and Hachioji wants to have a share out of the same.

With the Olympics reforms prioritising sustainability many locations in Japan have pitched for reusing of existing facilities and Hachioji is one more addition to the long line. Mayor Ishimori Takashi primarily called out the Mountain Bike and BMX format which can be conducted in the Hachioji City citing the legacy and experience of 1964  and the fact that Hachioji is just an hour long train from central Tokyo.

Hachioji is certainly part of the greater Tokyo Metropolis and it will be interesting to see the decisions given the fact that the IOC has now loosened the rules (The 8 km radius Olympics Village) definition for conducting the event.

Hachioji Ishimori Takashi mayor also said that the region has abundant nature and scenery which will be an added benefit to the overall mood, which the bay side of Koto Ku cannot certainly claim…

FYI on HACHIOJI : To avoid concentration in Tokyo, universities were encouraged to build campuses outside the Tokyo city center. Hachioji, in West Tokyo, is home to 21 institutes of higher learning, serving 100000 students which is nearly 20% of the population of the Hachioji City!!!