Walking on the Rainbow bridge

View of the Tokyo City in the distance from the Ariake side of the Koto Ward

Plans can be just grand imaginations or pioneering visions. Olympics in 2020 has kicked off multiple proposals in real estate and construction business with focus on infrastructure upheaval for the event.

The Koto Ku Ward’s Mayor Yamazaki Takaaki proposed a study in April 2014 for a plan to consider building a cable car between the Koto Ward Ariake to the popular business area near the Ginza shopping district, Shiodome. Positive and negative views flowed in the Japanese media on the sustainability of the infrastructure post the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, needful demand etc. People also commented on the technical aspects with the Wangan area prone to high winds and whether there will be frequent service outages.

Ariake - Shiodome - Toyosu Ropeway/Cable Car proposal by Koto Ward

See the announcement on ANN New video at Youtube URL (JAPANESE ONLY)

The Mayor, Yamazaki believes that it will not only help Olympic Games in 2020, but also serve as a popular tourist destination similar to the rope-way which was constructed in London on the Thames River. He went further to say that it can become the Sky-Way, referring to the Tokyo Sky-Tree which came up near the Oshiage Station in 2011.

The Koto Ward lists this as still in-plan with discussions ongoing with construction companies, although the news relating to budget cuts for Tokyo Olympics from a sustainability standpoint, we will be watching this space as to how the plan shape up in the coming months. The plan is still ON on the Koto Ward Website 

If the plan realizes and the cable car facility  does come up, it will certainly be a big draw for tourists who usually have the Odaiba / Rainbow Bridge as “must visit locations” in the city. If realized it will also cut the time from Ariake to Shidome by nearly 50%. Presently it takes 24 minutes to make the trip which can be cut to down to 11-12 minutes which is really cool!