The flame at the 1964 Tokyo Games was lit by Yoshinori Sakai a very symbolic selection of a person who was born the day of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945. Although he himself did not compete in the Olympics the selection was very unique and sent a special message at that time on the resurgence of Japan in the 1960’s.

So what should Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics plan? A famous Japanese Olympic player to light the flame? A symbolic pitch for technology prowess of Japan?  Although we are many years away from the Olympic 2020 Games, there are people already dreaming of the opening event and possible chance at lighting the flame.

One such effort is ongoing by a team of volunteers who have a rather unique idea to use a flying car which flies all the way to the top of the flame to light it up. Although the Hollywood film Back to the Future predicted 2015 as the year for flying car adoption, we are nowhere near and in that sense Cartivator’s plans to make that “future” into a reality, a tad bit earlier deserves full marks for innovative thinking and approach.

Cartivator imagination of a flying car to light the Olympic Torch in 2020

3D image of flying car “Skydrive”. Image copyright of CARTIVATOR.COM

The team demonstrated a 1/5 scale model at the Maker Faire Tokyo 2014 held at the Tokyo Big Sight called SKYDRIVE. It is a functional model with plans to put in a 1/1 scale model which will weigh 160 kilograms and carry one person in a three wheel (while on road) vehicle. The team plans to put this model out by 2017 which they believe will help them realize their ambitions to use this to light the Olympic Torch in 2020. See the concept video below.

They have started their fundraising campaign too with a plan to collect a mere 1.8 million yen (18K USD). Tsubasa Nakamura the head of the Cartivator project is confident that come 2017 he will have a working model of SKYDRIVE and says that “We are going to develop a flying car that gives dreams and aspirations for children in the next generation.”

Cartivator 1:1 Scale model preparation

Early preparations for the 1:1 scale model of SKYDRIVE by Cartivator

The Cartivator teams fund raising page is already near the 0.5 million yen which is about 30 percent of the goal, hopefully hey get their soon.

Cartivator funding page

See the fundraising page here

To summarize if Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics wants to send out a strong message of Japan’s technology prowess and sporting capabilities, would it not be awesome to have someone like a popular sporting icon Takahashi Naoko(or Q-chan her popular name), the gold medalist of 2000 Olympics to sit in SKYDRIVE and fly all the way to the torch to light it up? Too much fantasy, too early?