To learn a language it is important for a wholesome immersion in everyday life. That is what the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has announced that it will setup a facility beginning 2018 called ENGLISH VILLAGE. The eigo-mura, or English Village, is targeted for primary, middle and high school students to have an immersive experience through communication entirely in English.

The plans are already underway and 2015 spring, just a few months away, Tokyo Metropolitan Government  will discuss in detail on the overall scheme design and conduct review meetings by experts to detail the policy.

Tokyo Governor Masuzoe declines to share the Tokyo Olympics events with South Korea

Governor Yoichi Masuzoe announced this as part of the 10 year “Tokyo long-term vision.” The interesting part is that the “official language” at the facility is English, during the stay for participants and Japanese will be forbidden! That is a first of sorts that Japanese speaking forbidden in a place inside Japan.

Governor Masuzoe himself is an fluent in French and stated that speaking in English with foreigners whose native language is English is very important. The immersion concept, according to him is important and he experienced that if a particular language is not practised on an ongoing basis the skills start to rust. 

From a sustainability standpoint post the 2020 Games, some of the Olympic Village facilities will be open for general public and will be assisting students to study English at the English village to experience “ryugaku”, Japanese word for studying abroad without leaving Japan.

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Tokyo Governor Masuzoe declines to share the Tokyo Olympics events with South Korea