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Baseball set to make a come back at Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Image Flickr user : fnersh

Interesting reforms have been passed unanimously by the IOC. Primarily to make Olympics more cost efficient, sustainable for host cities and countries the recommendations also made way for inclusion of sports which have a local fan following in the host country like Baseball and Softball for Tokyo 2020. See the full list of recommendations here.

Japan’s attempt seem to be bearing fruit and possibly we should see locally popular games make their way into the 2020 event. The recommendation number 10 specifically lists that Organising Committees for the Olympic Games, or OCOG’s can make proposals to include a particular sports event based on local considerations. This is a good news for local sporting events to make their presence at Olympics and Baseball and Softball have their best chance now to get included. IOC recommendations for Olympics 2020

Other sports vying for a spot at the 2020 Olympic Games include Squash and even the popular sport in Japan, Karate.


“@SquashInfo: #Squash Welcomes New IOC 2020 Vision @WorldSquash” @carixoye


 The IOC notes that significant effort went to get the unanimous decision saying “It was a very, very positive surprise. But it followed over a year of constructive discussions. Some of the recommendations were not easy for certain members to swallow. Some may have hoped for no recommendation or a different recommendation on a specific issue. So it was encouraging that regardless of their individual interests or positions, they were determined to make Olympic Agenda 2020 a success.”

We hope popular local games are included and expand the appeal of the event in Tokyo and future events of Olympics. The local Twitter is already exploding with the chances for inclusion of baseball more or less confirmed.. At the earliest, the IOC general session in July of 2015 at Kuala Lumpur will officially stamp the inclusion.