CEATEC JAPAN 2014 has some interesting news from NHK and Sharp. NHK is planning to start with 8K broadcasts to coincide with the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020!

At 7,680 pixels by 4,320 pixels, about the equivalent of a 32-megapixel photo, the resolution of Super Hi-Vision is 16 times that of standard HD and four times that of 4K TVs.

Penetration of 4K TV is yet to become mainstream and a super hi-def 7,680 X 4,320 pixel display will further make the 4K squeezed in time to deliver else risk getting upset by the 8K displays.

The weekend tour of the Sharp booth at CEATEC 2014, the awesome images on display were indeed jaw dropping and Sharp already seems to have a head run to spark interest in the next level of dazzling displays

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