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The national broadcaster NHK announced high quality 8K digital delivery under works for the Olympics 2020. NTT Docomo, the major network carrier has plans of its own to also upgrade the network infrastructure in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Docomo announced that it will conduct experimental trials of emerging 5G mobile communications technologies with six world-leading mobile technology vendors: Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Fujitsu, NEC, Nokia and Samsung. Press release here

Samsung to Encompass Cutting Edge and Futuristic Technologies

Samsung, the leading telecom equipment maker has already demonstrated similar to Docomo the technology at the World IT Show 2014 at BEXCO.

The Docomo vision : Rollout new-generation cellular system 5G targeted at commercial deployment in 2020

If you want to understand what the new communication technology is all about, the IEEE Communications Society infographic below should be self explanatory.

5G networks infographics

5G networks infographics by IEEE Communications Society

Docomo is planning the below four points to target for the infrastructure beef up in the run up to the Olympics

  • High throughput speeds (Ultra-high-speed data transmissions at more than 10Gbps)
  • Higher capacity (1,000-fold the capacity of existing LTE networks)
  • Extremely low latency
  • Lower power consumption (This will be a HUGE PLUS)

Docomo used to lead the world in early 2000s with its first deployment of 3G FOMA networks in Japan. It is looking to take that spotlight once again with the 5G bets for Olympics which are a necessary requirement with more devices adding on to networks everyday and additional capacity for visitors at the time of Olympics.

Adoption in Japan of smartphones is at an all time high and with connected wearable devices and new M2M technologies flooding the ecosystem, 5G robust network systems will be the need of the hour and norm rather than futuristic technologies by the year 2020. With most of the content also ultra hi-def of 4K and 8K, delivery and network systems just need to catch up. The cat and mouse game of networks and device capability is an ongoing affair and we look forward to watching hi-def 4K on mobile phones (iPhone 6 Plus already supports 4K in 2014 itself!)

Kimono and Iphone

Traditionally dressed, yet modern, girls with smartphones at a park in Japan. Credit : Daniele Sartori